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NEW COURSE! Creative Writing: Making it a Habit

A habit is something that has become natural to you, something you do regularly without thinking. This is what I want writing to be in my life. I do not mean I will write without thought, of course, but that I want to go to writing every day as a happy instinct, not by dragging my feet or forgetting to actually do it.

I recall hearing that in order to become an expert in a particular field, skill, or art, a person must have practiced at it for 1,000 hours–or is it 10,000 hours? (Please leave a comment to correct me.) Either way, it’s about a commitment to practice and forming healthy habits. I also remember hearing somewhere that a marathon runner doesn’t wake up and think, “Oh, I might pop out for a run today,” but the thought of looking ahead and actually running is whirring through the runner’s mind upon waking up. Wake up. Brush teeth. Put on running shoes. Run.

The same goes for writing.

What is something you have made a habit? How did you make it a habit that would stick?

If writing is your thing, or something that you would like to do more of, please read on.

I know that one way to learn to do something well is to teach others what I already know. That being said, I have developed a mini course and have a couple of people who have come along to learn with me. I want to share with you my six week class of Creative Writing: Making it a Habit in hopes that you will be inspired to write more, better, and habitually.

I would love to hear from you about thoughts and experiences with developing writing as a habit in your life. Do get in touch and leave me a comment.



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