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Potato, Lamborghini, cubicle

The following is part of a 15 minute freewrite I did using the above words as a prompt.

This morning Alexa woke up to a potato nestled on the spare pillow next to her in bed. Needless to say this realisation was accompanied shortly thereafter by a loud and obnoxious, slimy, licking of her face by Scruffy: a grey and white hairy retrieving dog of some sort. Scruffy’s fur was so much so that it covered his eyes and all one could make of his face in detail, were his shiny black coat button nose and the sweetest, frothiest, pink tongue that inevitably at any occasion persisted in protruding from his happy mouth. The size of a Scottie dog who liked perching in laps, Scruffy did not bark incessantly which did well for Alexa because she preferred quiet mornings and the dogs from across the valley did enough yapping to annoy her first thing in the morning. Scruffy’s annoying habits remained humorous and moderately civil, for a dog…

Have you ever had a pet? Write what you know.


Using 5 senses, a prompt

The following is part of a warmup, a freewrite, that I did by myself for about 10 min, focusing on using the 5 senses to get in the mindset of writing. The freedom from spelling, correct usage of punctuation and the ability to use stream of consciousness, all help to be open to the next step in writing.

Metal trays screech and rattle. It made me grit my teeth and close one eye. The autumnal red of the soft cushy chair holds me with a slight crick in my hip and curving my spine. My trouser legs stick to me and damp creeps between my toes. I need to get some running shoes. My gaze lifts to view the shadows cast on the fake wooden floor. A mutton chopped gentleman comps his cud his food, a sandwich, like a cow grinds its cud. I can smell cucumber: a glean clean and green smell. The clip clack of a server’s name badge hitting smacking her belt buckle and she stomps table to table collecting left behind belongings–empty cup, crumple napkins. I’m eagerly whirring ideas of my own cafe…

How do you think using all five senses could improve your own writing? 

Try this: Go to a coffee shop and write there for awhile. Take in all of the sights, sounds, textures, tastes, and scents.

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